Beginning the Beguine

(I was beginning to worry this wordpress thing wouldn’t work on my computer. But joy of joys, it does!)

It’s always a bit tricky to jump right in to the first post of a spanking new blog, but you have to start somewhere, right? My name is Madalyn; I’m 22, and a post grad student living back home in Toronto with an English degree, after four years of studying in beautiful, beautiful Halifax NS. While living away at uni I started a blog-I wanted to keep it to recipes that I experimented on, but also what interested me at the time. Towards the end of my university term, it didn’t seem to be going anywhere/interesting for me anymore, so I called it quits. If anything, I feel as if I’ve grown a bit more since starting that old blog of mine, and am ready to move forward into the unknown. (Toodle-loo!)

So, what brings me to start up blogging again? My goal for this little space is to write more, hone my picture taking skills, and of course, continue my quest of recipe experiments. I’ll continue to include my interests here… But with more pictures, and preferably, more food. I want to go into writing in the future: whether it’s food-related or something entirely different, maybe this blog will help me figure it out.

Here we go!



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